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Miri Rose Dew-Radiant Skin & Nice Body Scent

Rose is amongst the most beautiful and admired flowers and has a number of uses that raise the flower to a great height. Rose is commonly used in making perfumes, essential oils, rose water and other cosmetics. It is also used in culinary purposes and also as herbal tea. Apart from these, roses are used to make medicines and have soothing effects for the mind and body.

Rose oil extracts have a host of beneficial effects on the skin and are great for promoting a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even coloured complexion. Many species have significant levels of vitamins and have been used as a food supplement. It has diuretic effects as they contain vitamin C, pectin, malic and citric acids. It helps to clear toxins and heat from the body. As a result it has a cooling effect on the body.

  • Breath freshener
  • Natural body fragrance
  • Support good sleep
  • Skin protection on UV rays and collagen
  • Maintain healthy skin elasticity.
Miri Rose Dew is made of extracts from rose petals and grape seeds for daily consume. Rose is a native flower to Asia and Europe, and is widely grown for their beauty and fragrance. It is known to have soothing property and many health benefits. Together with Vitamin E helps improve circulatory system, provide cellular nutrition for fair and radiant skin, keep skin moist and supple. Give the body nice scent and fresh breath with elegant rose fragrance.

Benefits of roses:
  • Contain hydrating properties
  • Fight skin dryness, helps the skin to stay moisturized
  • Keep skin soft, dewy and youthful
  • Soothing effect that aid good sleep and mood, relief headache.
Packing size: 150 s

How to Use:
Adult: Take 2 softgels once in the morning and at night after meal.

Not suitable to take during menstruation or pregnant period, and user allergy to rose/flora products.

Store in cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight, keep out of reach of children.
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